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foto bugil Ika Putri

foto bugil Ika Putri
inilah foto bugil artis Ika Putri.sebenarnya ni foto tidak terlalu bugil sih,!tapi saya rasa ini sudah cukuplah untuk membuat agan ngiler !!jangan lupa sebelum nonton foto bugil Ika Putri ,saya sarankan anda menyiapkan lap dulu untuk lap iler ya he....!!inilah foto bugil artis Ika Putri

Ika Putri Biography :foto bugil Ika Putri
Full Name: Ika Putri Widyaningtya
Nick Name: Ika Putri
Place of Birth: Surabaya, Jawa Timur
Date of Birth: March 15, 1986
Nationality: Indonesia
Occupation: Singer
Father's Name: Bambang Harjo
Mother's Name: Erline Yuliani

Ika Putri Profile :
Ika Putri Widyaningtyas or Ika Putri is a pop singer from Surabaya in East Java, and never reached II champion in Shanghai Asian Music Festival Music Festival 2001.
Women born March 15, 1986, in musical history has released three albums. Each includes, IKA titled debut album PRINCESS (2001), then the second album bout (2004) and Repackage bout.
In addition the couple's daughter and Erline Bambang Harjo this Yuliani didaulat to sing songs for movie soundtracks VIRGIN, titled I XOTC Lilo Virgin creation.
In 2008, Ika who did want to build a sexy image with sensual dresses in each appearance, also penetrated the big screen. If playing in a movie titled BASAHHH ...

foto hotIka Putri

Ika Putri

Ika Putri

Ika Putri

Ika Putri

Ika Putri

Ika Putri

Singer Ika Putri tries to build sexy image in every appearance, as the strategy form for rivalry at indonesia music arena. Ika Putri in amount of appearance sets out sexy attire nan dinamic, belong the appearance at arena Soundrenaline 2008 at Malang, where origin singer Surabaya this wear red costume and white shorts bandage very tight.

For Ika Putri self, what done in this time part from professionalism. She is even also ready with consequence towards that the choice. So that if even also appear to protest outside, can be part for appearance quality enhanced, all at once music quality.

Ika Putri in Soundrenaline 2008 at Malang this come up at stage 3, where this grand stand special allocated to all new comer. Ika Putri present three the mainstay songs, Hanya Kamu, Aku Perawan dan Mr Judge.

Meanwhile, Ika Putri also tried via the action in big screen film. Name owner Ika Putri widyaningtyas stars 'sexy category film' have a title "Basah". Even this film is they say at first have a title WET DREAM, but because certain reason changes title.

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foto bugil Ika Putri!!wek,wek!!ketipu wek!!hee...!!

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